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5 mai 2015 2 05 /05 /mai /2015 11:29





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14 mars 2012 3 14 /03 /mars /2012 20:58

Crocus.jpg Enfin un peu de couleurs dans nos jardins si tristes ces derniers mois.


MS-cat.jpg un petit chat de Margaret Sherry


friends1.jpg et deux petits chats (Val's Stuff)



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3 avril 2009 5 03 /04 /avril /2009 20:53

I wanna post a HELLO  for my dear friend Sharon, who I've met through the internet and who is that busy at the moment. I just wanna thank her for being there and send her positive waves through this post.
I stitched a small for her, and as she already received it, I can show you the pics

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13 mars 2009 5 13 /03 /mars /2009 08:56
Voyez la différence entre le léopard brodé il y a quelque temps par moi (le petit) et celui qui m'a été offert par Sharon

See the difference between Sharon's and my fob stitched some time ago

Le mien n'a pas tout à fait l'air de sortir de la savane africaine, il vient plutôt de l'Australie, à vrai dire, on dirait même que c'est un wombat, ou un diable de tasmanie .... 

Mine (the smaller of them) is a bit ... LOL ... different ... cheetah's face isn't really ... hm .. it's more the face of a wombat or some other creature ...  ? tasmanian devil ? ...   

D'accord, faut savoir ou trouver le talent - pour moi, décidément le talent ce n'est pas moi

Of course, even me, I see who's got the talent of us both
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11 mars 2009 3 11 /03 /mars /2009 14:16
Tell me, is there a limit for enjoying someone ?
It seems not - I have the evidence  !!

Look at this, enjoy
I'll explain later ...     :

These are the "Cheetah scissors"  , Yeah !
The real and only, and these are MINE !!!!

More ?  Here we go :
This isn't just a fob ... it is THE fob !
The TOP-FOB !!!
Stitched on linen, perfectly !!

Wanna see the backside ?
Take a close look ....

Isn't this amazing ?
The stone between the beads is a "tiger's eye" (don't know if that's the correct word in english) but it is my birthday-stone !  :-)

I have more to show :
Maching scissor-case !
The button, the fabric ... wow

But, take a look at its inside :

See the cheetah-face .. ! Don't need to say more ...

There's more:
A kiity-kit, a thimble, a bag, and a card.

Yes, YES, these are the things my stitching friend sent ME !!!
I unfortunately cannot say more than THANK YOU Sharon 
(Why isn't there a word bigger than thank you ? Could be : Thank you, thanker you, thankest you .... or something similar ?!)

These things are just perfectly stitched, sewed, chosen ---  they're gorgeous, marvellous, beautiful, wonderful.
I am thrilled with them. I love them. I'll treasure them.
Thanks a lot.
How can I deserve this ?
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19 février 2009 4 19 /02 /février /2009 12:54
En voilà une nouvelle façon de finitionner un petit trouve-ciseaux.
Inscription: Pas touche !!!  Cela pourrait être dangereux pour votre santé ....     de toucher mes nouvelles Premax !!!  *mdr*

Here we go for another finishing for scissor-fobs
Don't touch ...  make no mistakes ... =) .. it might be hazardous to touch THESE scissors ....        Because these are the new Premax !!  LOL

Et voilà l'autre côté, pas moins effrayant ....  

Other side, not less dangerous ...   

Le message est clair, non ? ! 

Isn't the message obvious ?  !
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20 janvier 2009 2 20 /01 /janvier /2009 21:50

Today I received my scissor-fob from BW (USA) member of the international exchange-group "Tiny Treasures Exchange".
You'll agree that she did a wonderful job.
She stitched one over one, in a perfect blue (Gentle Arts) a design that I love, an InkCircle. The stitching is such a fine work, and the finishing is just gorgeous.
Wanna see the back of it ..  ???   :)

I'm sure, you'll agree with me  :)
THANK YOU, BW.  I really do love this fob.


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15 janvier 2009 4 15 /01 /janvier /2009 20:46
Today I got the message that my partner got the fob I stitched for her and now I can post the pic of it.
This was an international exchange, made possible by Sharon  :-)  Thank you.
I stitched on linen, a small Passione Ricamo, 1 over 1, in the colours that my partner likes.

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8 janvier 2009 4 08 /01 /janvier /2009 14:21
I stitched a fob
I liked it
hope that my partner
will be delighted

I stitched that fob
just to try it
to match the likes
is not that easy

It was so wrong
it was so right
Don't know if will fit the design

I stitched that fob
and have yet sent it
hope ...... will, too, like it

I guess you know what tune goes with this text ...  
(OK, I give you a hint : K.P. : I kissed ...)

Yes, my fob is on its way .... oh yes, forgot to tell you that I took part in an exchange of fobs, the Tiny Treasures Exchange, created by Sharon. We got the names of our partners in late December and had to stitch a scissor-fob for them. In Exchange we get a fob from a different person - so nobody knows who stitches for her. This is quite an exciting exchange  knowing that there are members from all over the world, and that I'm already quite restless, not knowing if my partner likes what I made for her, like always in these kinds of exchanges.
Now, the thing is to keep cool and wait ....   
I love this.
Thank you Sharon, for your gread designs and great ideas.

I will post the pictures of this fob only after the deadline of the Exchange (January 20th)  and after my partner got it.
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18 décembre 2008 4 18 /12 /décembre /2008 21:08
Il y a longtemps que je n'ai publié de nouvelles photos. Il n'y avait malheureusement presque rien à montrer puisque je ne pouvais pas broder .. 
Mais il y a un petit dernier pour l'année qui se terminera dans quelques jours seulement.
Il s'agit d'un petit fob hiver avec sapin et élan destiné à Sharon qui nous fais toujours de si belles grilles. Elle l'a déjà reçu et je peux mettre la photo maintenant 

It's been a long time that I posted pictures here on my blog. That's because I had nothing to show, no crosses were stitched ..
But there is one single little fob to show that I stitched in a hurry for Sharon who designs such nice patterns. She received it already and so I can post the pic today.

Une petite "boîte" en tissu:
A  ... thingy .... (don't know how to call it) 

Mes premiers essais en anges

And a couple of angels

Je vous souhaite à toutes de très belles fêtes de fin d'année avec le plus beau cadeau que vous pouvez vous faire vous-même, c'est à dire: prenez le temps et relaxez !

I would like to wish to you all a very merry christmas time and the nicest gift you can make to yourself : TIME  ! Relax and if ever the stress grows too big ... take a deep breath and concentrate on what is the most important : stay cool and be comfortable.  :-)

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